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Shut the Door – Why Internet Real Estate is Not What It Seems buy Soma overnight free delivery By in Information with 0 Comments buy soma prescriptions Chances are you’ve seen signs for Opendoor and Offerpad as you drive down the road.  Hmmm…., you may be thinking.  What’s all that about? Opendoor and similar companies offer internet based real estate services.  They make a cash offer on your home and you walk away avoiding all of the perceived hassle of having to […]

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Quick Sale. Quick Move!

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Homes in the Raleigh area are selling quickly and while that’s a GREAT thing, it can also be a stressful one if you suddenly find yourself needing to pack and move much sooner than you expected! Here are 7 Tips for Packing and Moving Quickly. 1. Gather your toolsPick a place to be your packing […]

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Top 4 Financial Tips for Buyers

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Getting ready to buy a house? Before you head out on your first home tour, arm yourself with the following advice. Double check your credit If you’re thinking about buying, you should already be “keeping score.” Know your credit score, and make sure to rectify any credit reporting errors before lenders take a look. Understand […]

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Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane

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Anyone who has watched the news over the past few days knows Hurricane Florence is on it’s way.  Even though the Triangle area is inland, we can still see quite the impact from tropical storms – just ask anyone who was here during Fran in the 1990’s.  Unfortunately, we have no control over where the […]

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A Buyer in a Seller’s Market…Oh My!

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Chances are, if you’ve done any research, you’ve seen the terms “seller’s market” and “buyer’s market” frequently.  But what exactly does that mean for you? If the local market is trending toward a seller’s market, then the demand for homes is larger than the supply.  People have more money to spend on real estate, so […]

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